The Impact of the
Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community

Entrepreneurs use the Learning Community to improve and take the steps that improve their chances of success.


Entrepreneurs share the positive impact the Learning Community has on their journey from struggle to success.

Go to market strategy in 30 days

The Lonely Entrepreneur has deep understanding of the healthcare industry and was able to very quickly give us insight about

Alana Scott

Reduced IT expenses by by $230,000 and guided us at every step

Michael and the team at The Lonely Entrepreneur have been there. They understand the pressure and can steer you clear

Derek Wright

Guided us at every step to a game changing educational technology

The Lonely Entrepreneur team has a unique understanding of how an early stage company works and how a founder with

Elie Venezky

Unique experience to help us bring a game changing platform to life

Being a founder with a vision pushes your envelope. Our vision for the foodie community was large but needed structure,

Vidhya Subramanian


Community leaders share the positive impact the Learning Community has had on their communities.