We Help You Stay Close to the Ideas That Can Empower or Disrupt Your Business


Imagine if you could efficiently stay close to the vast array of the ideas that are developing in your sector and offer startups and emerging companies the knowledge and support they desire.


Integrating innovation into an organization’s capabilities is a complex undertaking that requires external efforts to stay close to innovations in your sector and prevent competitive disruption and internal efforts to drive an innovation culture and get employees to be more entrepreneurial. Even though innovation is a C-level issue, these efforts are often faced with:

  • Difficulty staying close to the vast array of innovative and disruptive ideas

  • Inability to foster a culture of innovation and experimentation with employees

  • Incubators, accelerators, startup competitions and venture capital efforts that only touch a small number of companies

  • Inability to engage with and stay connected to a wide variety of ideas in a scalable way

  • Inability to keep your finger on the pulse of activity efficiently

  • Lack of brand recognition for the support you are providing

  • Difficulty assisting a large number of emerging companies

Having a venture capital fund, an innovation team, an incubator and startup competitions is valuable, but are they helping you stay close the many ideas that may disrupt your business?  It’s one thing to fund five startups or bring ten into an incubator. It’s quite another to stay close to hundreds of innovative ideas in your space and getting your employees to think like entrepreneurs.


Our solution – The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community – helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the latest ideas in your space and does so in a way that is scalable and enhances your brand. And provides employees with ways to engage with entrepreneurs and think like entrepreneurs.

The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community is a one stop shop for the entrepreneurial knowledge, tools and support any individual needs. The Learning Community:

  • is organized around all the business and personal issues all entrepreneurs face

  • includes over 200 learning modules, tools and templates, and vendor reviews

  • supports individuals with an online community to get real-time answers and interact with other entrepreneurs, business leaders and expert mentors

  • guides individuals with group coaching

The Learning Community provides you with a way to stay close to innovative ideas in the marketplace at scale and to drive internal innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.


By integrating the Learning Community into your innovation efforts, we give you a mechanism to accomplish several goals:

Using a platform allows you to invite and stay connected to a large number of companies and ideas.

Provide the knowledge, tools and support early stage companies or employees need to develop their ideas.

Maintain an ongoing dialogue with companies or employees through the engagement we provide in our platform.

By staying close to many ideas, you complement your incubator, competition and venture capital efforts.

Develop a reputation for supporting the best ideas and founders with markets, the community and employees.

Provide the solution not only to outside ideas but as a mechanism to support internal innovations and new age ideas.

Provide the learnings gained from entrepreneurs that can be applied in a corporate environment.

Provide the knowledge, tools and support they need to develop their ideas.

Provide employees with the opportunity to support startups by engaging with them through the Learning Community.

Provide a reward to all participants – not just the ones who win.

Through our Learning Community, you can survey companies or employees and gain valuable insights on the latest thinking and innovation.

Using our platform allows you to extend your reach to partners (i.e., universities) and adjacent segments and to add to your efforts in the future.