Create A Positive Impression with a Buyer

How do you get a buyer to view you not as someone selling them something, but a trusted resource that they value and look forward to talking to? There are various communication and related techniques that will move you closer each day to holding this coveted place in a buyer’s mind.

“We WILL be there with you every step of the way.” 

  • Start The Conversation By Giving A Little Information That’s Relevant To The Customer Many times, the customer isn’t willing to start the conversation with marketing or sales. In situations like these, you’ll need to provide some information about yourself, your company, and your product to get started. This is a quid pro quo. You give the customer something so that they’ll give you something in return. Giving a little information about you will help alleviate some of the issues.” The best way for sales and marketing to use this technique is to share information about yourself, your company, or product using the voice of other customers. Use language such as, “some of my other customers faced this same issue and here’s how they handled it…” You’re sharing information in a way that is highly relevant to the buyer and will get the buyer to start sharing information with you.
  • Use Gift Giving As A Way To Build Customer EngagementGift giving is one of the cornerstones of building rapport with people. Remember that, when building rapport, the vast majority of gifts that you give will be non-material. It’s easy to give customers gifts, particularly in this day when the gift of information can be so valuable to a customer and so easy to deliver. The number of gifts that sales and marketing can offer a customer is truly astounding. Some of these gifts take traditional forms like pricing discounts, but increasingly these gifts are taking the form of information that helps customers. In B2B marketing, content marketing is all the rage. Good content marketing is essentially about providing a gift to a customer in the form of information that helps the buyer do their job better.
  • Manage The Customer’s Expectations Proactively. Good sales people know that managing the customer’s expectations is an effective sales technique. This is an effective rapport-building technique. It’s not just about managing the customer’s expectations of what the product or service will do; it’s about managing their expectations for the conversation itself. The individuals in life that are able to either mask their agenda or shift the agenda to something altruistic will have great success at building rapport.” One good way to do this is to articulate your expectations for a conversation or meeting with a customer and see if the customer agrees with you. This can be done when setting the agenda for the meeting.

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