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A Guide to Surviving and Thriving During Economic Volatility

“We made it through the 2008 financial crisis, when the business we built in over a decade crumbled in days,” says Michael Dermer. “There were specific things we did than that made the difference between success and failure. There’s a lot of advice out there for entrepreneurs, but very little of it from people who have actually been in the trenches on the brink. I want to put the tools we used and lessons we learned into the hands of as many entrepreneurs as possible, as quickly as we could.”

The Entrepreneur Survival Guide is the creation of Michael Dermer and the team at the Lonely Entrepreneur. Learn more about his story and why he remains so committed to helping others during this time, 100% for free!




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Mitch Wolinsky

Manolo's Best Farmstand Chili

TLE's resources and community continue to be a huge support to Manolo's Best Chili and Soups.  We remain optimistic and confident that we will thrive and innovate despite the current conditions.  My conviction that success remains a realizable goal is due in great measure to my association and involvement with TLE in general, and the Survival Guide in particular.

Kayla O'Donnell

Founder, HumanKINDtv

Michael's storytelling is my favorite part of the fireside chats, for obvious reasons. It reassures me that there will be winners in the new economy and that I am well positioned to be one of them.



Downloadable Guide

Downloadable guide with 108 actionable tips and strategies.

Key Learning Lessons

60 learning modules you can review at your own pace.

Free learning, guidance, and resources, all in the palm of your hand.

In 2008 our Founder and CEO, Michael Dermer, saw his business with 500+ employees nearly destroyed overnight. The strategies he implemented helped him stay the course and, his business would go on to become a widely known industry pioneer in healthcare rewards. Everything we teach at TLE is grounded in his personal experiences.

 We created the Entrepreneur Survival Guide to serve entrepreneurs at a time when they really need help. Success, means finding a way to make it through the recension, and coming out the other side prepped to thrive!  The guide answers tough questions with

  • A downloadable manual with tips and strategies,
  • online, bite-size learning modules, and
  • weekly, live video chats and Q and A’s,

And more! 

Topics we address include:

  • How to preserve cash!
  • Ways to create new revenue.
  • Negotiating with venders to minimize your expenses.
  • How to create a plan to get you through – what needs to be (and what should NOT be) in your plan!
  • How to execute your plan like a Wartime CEO.


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