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Our Team

Our team of experts is led by successful lawyer and entrepreneur Michael Dermer, who didn't just create a company, he created an industry. And started, grew and sold a 500 person company and lived through the 2008 financial crisis to do it.

We speak entrepreneur. We're dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed.

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We Speak Entrepreneur

We have been in the trenches and came out the other side. We know what it's like to wake up before the alarm rings - sometimes because you are worried and sometimes because you are excited. And we all know that competition is everywhere, so why do you win? We'll show you how.



Save Time & Money

Avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that cost you time and money.

Be Your Best

Achieve More

Succeeding as an entrepreneur requires you to be at your best. And we help you at every step of your journey.

We're Here for You at Every Step of Your Journey

Schedule a call to discuss private coaching to help elevate you to be the type of founder you know you can be.


Ongoing Coaching

Coaching focused on being there with you at every step of your journey. From increasing revenue to dealing with the day to day issues that arise in business, we'll be right there with you.


10 Hours


Professional monthly coaching

Weekly 1 Hour Check-In
6 Hours as Needed
Learning Community Access



Perfect for a business executive
looking for hands on help.

Weekly 1 Hour Check-In
16 Hours as Needed
Learning Community Access


20 Hours


Annual VIP + 


By Application Only.




Our private coaching clients have direct access to our team of experts.

Project Coaching

Choose one of the three packages below to help achieve a specific outcome. Or, use as needed at your discretion.


15 Hours

Build your foundation.

A perfect fit for things like
business planning, pitch deck preparation, and more.



30 Hours 

Level up your business with
the proper systems.

Ideal for more complex projects like raising money.



50 Hours

Growth focused coaching.

Use this package for projects you need mentorship on like a go to market strategy or increasing revenue.


Our Customers Say, "I wish I found you a year earlier."

"TLE's resources and community continue to be a huge support to Manolo's Best Chili and Soups.  We remain optimistic and confident that we will thrive and innovate despite the current conditions.  My conviction that success remains a realizable goal is due in great measure to my association and involvement with TLE in general, and the Survival Guide in particular."

Mitch Wolinsky

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"Michael's storytelling is my favorite part of the fireside chats, for obvious reasons. It reassures me that there will be winners in the new economy and that I am well positioned to be one of them." 

Kayla O'Donnell

"Successfully creating your business without the Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community is like going to a new destination without a GPS. I can’t imagine being where I am today without this robust, interactive resource."

Melissa Berry

"I’ve been running my own business for 7 years and finding The Lonely Entrepreneur book and learning community has helped more than many of the programs I’ve done all combined! 

The combination of practical resources and emotional support in a community run by someone who has walked the road and gets the kaleidoscope of challenges we face on a daily (sometimes hourly!) basis is invaluable. 

I wish I had found it earlier and saved myself some mistakes!"  

"Michael has coached me on big picture. He's coached me on how to think strategically.. on how to best setup the structure of the organization and the best play. When I first started the company, it was all about building the tool. I didn't know how to build a business.. He has given me the tools I need to survive as a sole founder to focus, prioritize, stay on task, and bring all the madness that is a startup to a centered structure for a growing business. If you are a new or seasoned entrepreneur... this will be a rewarding experience."  

Anthony Esper