Perspective of The Day – The Struggle of Being An Entrepreneur


My guess is that if you’ve an entrepreneur, you are experiencing at least one of the following feelings: You’re carrying the world on your shoulders. You don’t have the money or resources you need. You feel like no one understands what you are going through. Your relationships are strained. Your friends, family and co-workers think you are crazy, stupid or selfish. You find yourself in a crowded room but feel alone. You are exhausted but you can’t sleep. You are hungry but you can’t eat. You are home but feel lost. Standing in the shower under freezing cold water for five minutes is easier than running your venture. Sound familiar? I’ve been there.

It’s one thing to create solutions to business problems. It’s quite another to create them when you feel the world is on your shoulders. When that happens, we feel like we are sprinting through cement even when we have talent and great business ideas. All of the conflicting feelings that come with the territory are at the heart of the big question facing all of us: will we make it? How we cope with “the struggle” has as much, if not more, impact on our fate as the business decisions we make.

The Lonely Entrepreneur was born in the middle of my own struggle—actually— in the middle a struggle that can only be described as the “perfect storm.”

The Lonely Entrepreneur® helps entrepreneurs with the one issue we all face – the struggle.  Whether it is money, people, investors, communication, staying focused, basic management, culture, time management or negotiation – we talk about how to identify and change the flawed perspectives on many personal and business issues we face when we’re under the pressure and give yourself the best chance for success. The difference between success and failure is our perspective.

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