What is the Entrepreneur?


20 Oct, 2017

Managing People

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The resources in an entrepreneurial venture will only be effective if you understand their situations and allocate an appropriate set of tasks to them. Everyone only sucks if you fail to put him or her in a position to have a positive impact on the business. The sooner we realize this, and understand that it is our responsibility to manage these resources by aligning their skills and time commitment with actions that serve the business, the sooner we will no longer think that everyone sucks.

26 Apr, 2017

Top 13 Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs to Maximize Your Day

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It sounds odd to say “time management tips for entrepreneurs.” Time management tips for entrepreneurs is certainly an oxymoron. In fact, if a non-entrepreneur said, I have some time management tips for entrepreneurs, we would likely think to ourselves, “they don’t get it.” After all, we all wish we could create the 28 hour day. Getting the most of your day is a skill – and one of those skills that makes you a better entrepreneur. Every day can feel like the day is managing us instead of us managing our day. It’s a little bit of perspective, a little bit of time management and a little bit of discipline. The real solution is not the entrepreneur that comes up with a 28 hour day. It is improving our skills at managing our time and energy.