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Passion, grit and a good idea is not enough. To be successful, we all have to improve our skills as an entrepreneur each day.  Our Daily Perspective is designed to help you do just that.

15 Dec, 2017

The Wrong Perspective

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Entrepreneurs with a flawed perspective let the pressure, passion, pleasure and pain overcome their judgment, and the judgment of others, to ignore the facts in front of them. There is nothing wrong with being excited, but don’t let your need or desire (or panic) about the necessity of capital cloud the details of the meeting, terms, or relationship that is actually occurring.

14 Dec, 2017

Disadvantages of Public Relations

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Entrepreneurs dream of having their company appear on the front page of a major publication or doing an interview on a major network. Public relations can certainly create breakthrough moments, but in most cases it is simply an important part of an overall marketing strategy.

13 Dec, 2017

Selling to Businesses (Business to Business)

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Successfully marketing and selling to businesses requires a specialised set of skills and strategies. Because small and medium sized business owners and managers are generally incredibly busy and cost-conscious, a poorly tailored marketing message or ill informed sales pitch will quickly put them off

12 Dec, 2017

Getting CRM Software to Manage Your Sales Process

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You can select a CRM system that is accessible via the Internet and many have free or low cost options. While not all CRM solutions are created equally, here are some of the most common features.

11 Dec, 2017

Choose How To Focus

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When you focus on overall risk and big picture concerns, it can be debilitating. If you focus on your present to-do list, you offer yourself the remarkably satisfying and motivating experience of completing the tasks before you. When so much is out of your control, the chance to finish something each day is priceless. And if you continue to prioritize each day’s list, your sense of accomplishment will grow exponentially. After all, each day’s work is a piece of the puzzle that will eventually become your “big picture.” But if you worry about the big picture first, you’ll never assemble its parts and reach your ultimate goal.

8 Dec, 2017

Determining The Viability Of Your Idea

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How do you validate your idea to determine whether it can be a business success and help you achieve your personal and professional goals as an entrepreneur? There is no magic formula, but there are certainly ways that you can have a better sense of whether your idea has legs.

7 Dec, 2017

Software You Need

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Keeping your business organized and structured is key to managing your most valuable asset - time. Selecting a few basic software packages that can do this work for you can save you tons of time and effort. This software is easily available via the internet and often has free or very low cost options for small businesses.

6 Dec, 2017

Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Buyer Personas

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It’s not easy to compile an accurate profile which combines reality with your sales and marketing goals. Failing to bring conversations with your customers into the equation is a fundamental mistake. Here are a few more mistakes to avoid in creating your persona.

5 Dec, 2017

Where To Attract Talent

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Attracting the type of talent that understands the entrepreneurial venture and can bring expertise to that journey is essential to success. Doing so requires a great deal of your talent and creative thinking. Try some of these techniques to see if you can help others see why working for your company will be the best move of their life.